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If I use Gwapit, will it have an impact on my original native email app configuration?

No. You can test and use Gwapit fearlessly. The only thing we update between your native app and Gwapit is the processing of your email (read/unread, archive, delete). We wouldn't want you to do twice the work.

Does Gwapit force filter my emails and apps workflow?

Definitely not! Remember, it's your Gwapit inbox, which means you can tailor it to your liking. We'll only suggest smart filters and generate automated groups. Then you can pick the ones that suit you best and that's it!

What about my data? What are you doing with it?

Here at Gwapit, we take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. We'll never use it for commercial purposes and only our system has access to your meta-data. Regarding security, we apply the same norms as Google or Amazon (TLS - Transport Layer Security and HTTPS encryptions).Learn more

Is it free?

Yes. At least during all our beta period, so don't wait to give it a try. If you're an SME or a company and want to use it within your organisation, shoot us a message and we'll arrange a meeting to assess your needs. The integration of your legacy & business apps is definitely something we do.